The Color of Light + Time





I imagine time



tasting of poppyseed and flora,




and slow



like trails of weightless dust


and reappearing;


strands of mineral light,

streaming through

the time-traveler's scope



a sea enchantment

of abyssal sound.



spacious dark.



We are too eager for the future.


Ink blots swimming

across the atlantic, 

searching for whales.



wild in the eyes

and wilted in violet.



But I found dip-dyed courage

at the bottom of a dream.


Starlit black,

return again.


Move slow.

I want you to see me.



Sea mother;

crash over me 

and make my body new.



What is freedom for?


The way the body sways, 

light in her lining.


Pyramids of indigo,

towers of water.



Oh, I imagine time


smelling of walnut 

and lemonade.



What is freedom for?


Ancient poetry;

her waking wilderness.


The way ice feels 


on my tongue

in August.



And what of time?



Oh, there is peace here.


She moves in circles,

and births me

over and over again

from her gold-glittered womb.


Oh, I imagine time

may  be

what freedom is for.

Images: Rachel Iliadis
Poetry: Tiffany Trivett
Dyeing: Makaila Borgerson
Styling: Kristin Zaydman

My Miscarriage (Part 1)